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Trade Finance

FINPLATE takes care of your Mortgage Process in UAE and trade finance requirements. We provide our expertise in business and financial consulting, assessment of working capital requirements, complete documentation for business loans, business valuation, reducing the cost of capital through competitive rates, Project Financing, etc.

We provide the following services to our clients:

  • Overdraft Facility
  • Trust Receipt (TR) Financing
  • Letter of Credit (LC)
  • LC Discounting
  • Cheque Discounting
  • Local Bill Discounting
  • Bank Guarantee
  • Project Financing

Overdraft Facility

It is a financing facility that helps any business to plan expenditures, and access funds so that monthly expenses like utility bills, payments, raw materials, and cost of capital can be paid. In case of a potential shortfall in cash, a company can use this option. FINPLATE will help you in arranging an overdraft line to meet your immediate needs.

Trust Receipt Financing

Trust Receipt (TR) is a type of short-term loan for goods imported under the letter of credit. TR financing is the best alternative for purchases. FINPLATE arrange Mortgage Process in UAE for your purchases through TR financing.

Letter of Credit

letter of credit, or “credit letter” is a letter from a bank guaranteeing that a buyer’s payment to a seller will be received on time and for the correct amount. Finplate can arrange a Letter of Credit for you to fulfill your business requirement in UAE.

LC Discounting

LC discounting is a short-term credit facility provided by the bank to the seller. In this case, LC issuing bank confirms all the original documents and provides acceptance to the confirming bank. After the due diligence from the bank, the seller will get the credit amount after deducting the discount. We help our clients with LC discounting in Dubai or anywhere in UAE.

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Cheque Discounting

When a banker discounts a cheque, he provides immediate liquid funds to the account holder. In other words, cheque discounting is an immediate funding facility afforded to a good customer of repute. But a banker will first deduct his discount and then only the balance amount will be credited to the account of the depositor. We can help you to arrange a cheque discounting facility in order to meet your short-term working capital requirement.

Local Bill Discounting

A client can pledge its local receivables to a bank and get an immediate cash facility in return to manage daily operations. We can arrange local bill discounting for your receivables within UAE to fulfill your cash requirement.

Bank Guarantee

In business, sometimes a situation may arise when a client asks to do business through a Letter of Credit or a Financial Guarantee from a third party. To execute this process, the services of expert banking consultants are required. Finplate will coordinate with the lending banks on your behalf for arranging a bank guarantee for you.

Project Financing

Project financing plays a vital role in financing development projects throughout the world. All kinds of projects including power plants, transportation structures, chemical processing plants, manufacturing plants, and telecommunication infrastructure are being financed all over the world.

It is a method of funding in which a lender closely looks at the feasibility and revenues generated by a single project to ensure the repayment of the financing and to assess security for the exposure.

It is important to build the case for financing a project through banking consultants who have sound knowledge and expertise. We can help you in preparing your case to secure project finance in Dubai and anywhere in UAE.

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Mortgage Process in UAE and Trade Finance FAQs:

A: Eligibility criteria vary among banks and financial institutions but commonly include factors such as income, employment status, credit history, property type, and age. Typically, lenders require a minimum income level and a stable employment history.

 A: The down payment requirement for a mortgage in the UAE is commonly 20% of the assets value for UAE nationals and 25% for expatriates. However, these possibilities can range based totally on the financial institution's policies and the borrower's profile. 

 A: Property valuation is commonly accomplished by using a licensed valuator appointed by means of the financial institution. The valuator assesses the marketplace cost of the belongings based on various factors such as vicinity, size, situation, and latest property transactions within the area. 

 A: The required documents can also consist of a legitimate passport, Emirates ID, earnings certificate, bank statements, proof of residence, and belongings-associated documents which includes the income purchase settlement and title deed.

A: Trade finance services are financial instruments and merchandise that facilitate international trade transactions. They include services together with letters of credit, alternate finance loans, export/import financing, deliver chain financing, and change insurance.

A: A letter of credit is a financial instrument issued by a bank on behalf of the buyer (importer) to guarantee payment to the seller (exporter) once certain conditions are met. It provides security and mitigates risks in international trade transactions.

A: Supply chain financing, also known as reverse factoring, is a financing arrangement that allows suppliers to receive early payment for their invoices. The financing is provided by a financial institution based on the creditworthiness of the buyer, reducing the payment cycle and improving cash flow for all parties involved.

A: Export/import financing refers to financial solutions designed to support businesses involved in export or import activities. It can include pre-shipment financing, post-shipment financing, working capital loans, and trade credit to facilitate smooth trade operations.

A: Trade finance services provide businesses with access to working capital, mitigate risks, improve cash flow, and enhance business opportunities in the international market. They help bridge the gap between the time of a trade transaction and the actual receipt of payment or goods, ensuring smoother trade operations.