International Mortgages

We help our clients in buying & refinancing properties in a simple and hassle-free manner in one of the world’s top real estate locations.

Comparing lending deals and mortgage finance services rates on the internet can be very misleading because the finance for Citizens of the country where you are holding or planning to purchase.

The more rigorous requirements relating to your place of residence or visa status, evidence of your income, the currency you’re paid in, and exchange rates for foreign currency transfers mean fewer lenders in this area of the market. As a result, lending deals can be stricter.

We have established relationships with international banks, including specialist lenders and Private banks, family offices, and wealth managers who will consider buyers from outside more favorably.

we can guide you through the documentation and application process to get funds available to you in a matter of weeks.

Mortgage Finance in UAE

Explore common queries about mortgages, from application to repayment. Find comprehensive answers to simplify your mortgage journey.




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Mortgage Finance in UAE refers to the practice of lending money to company buyers and home. Mortgage lending is the practice of providing financial assistance to borrowers in exchange for a mortgage.

The option to buy a home without having the cash on hand to pay for it is just one of the many benefits of mortgage financing. Borrowers can afford a home by making mortgage payments over a longer period of time, can increase their equity in the property, and may be eligible for interest deductions on their taxes.

Visit the Finplate website's Mortgage Finance in UAE page to submit an application for a mortgage loan. Typically, an online application form requiring personal and financial details will be available there. When you submit your application through Finplate, a representative will look it over and help you move forward with getting your loan.

Refinancing your mortgage could be easier with Finplate's help. Borrowers can benefit from refinancing by exchanging their current mortgage for a new loan with more favourable terms, such as a reduced interest rate or a longer repayment period. Ask Finplate about their mortgage refinancing services and possibilities if you're thinking about making a change.